I’ll Miss This

I know there was an awesome Mommy-Blog about missing the sweetness of the little kids when they grow up.

I know I will. I already am afraid of missing the delicate way Charlie’s little body conforms to mine as we watch an episode of Spider Man. And the way I grab at his feet and tickle and kiss the soft soft skin.

But that isn’t what I am talking about here. (Just thinking of that makes me sad.)

What I wanted to contemplate is that I am beginning the last structured group project in my Master’s program. Everything else will be done solo. Working in groups is tough, add to that a full-time job and a family to keep going – and I always feel like I am the slacker. But then I felt like I end up going over and above time expectations to make up for my lack of availability during the normal working time.

Our project is to design something interactive for urban areas. We are focusing on collaborative urban play. And in the next few weeks I get do a lo-fi prototype for two concepts – a musical sidewalk and an interactive storytelling tool.

Getting my masters has not been easy. But, I know I will miss working on these projects when I am done.

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