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Wonder Z turns 2

Do you know who is now a full-fledged two year old in all her terror and glory? That is right! It’s Zoe Ellen Ruth Kyle! We celebrated her birthday with the Wonder Pets. She loves Ming Ming. She thinks Tuck

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Zerker Quarterly Review – Q3

Age: 9 Months Physical Output: Crawling all over the place Pulls herself up to standing using anything she can find Will stand on her own for a few seconds until she realizes she is doing it, then promptly sits down

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Busy Week

The Zerker has had a busy week. She started saying something like ‘Dada’ on Wednesday. I say it was something like it because she wasn’t making the D with the roof of her mouth, but with her upper lip. It

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Show and Tell: Tutu Cute!

For a look at what the rest of the class is showing, check out Mel’s Show and Tell. Children mentioned and pictured. I made a tutu for the Zerker. A few people on facebook asked how I did it. It

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Sunbeams and Roller Coasters

The Zerker has decided that rolling is way cooler than the Segue as a mode of transportation. She also spent a good five minutes staring at patterns the sun made on the floor of the office on Friday. I thought

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Growth Charts

Zoe is right on track, hovering in the 50th percentile in weight…. And 75th percentile in length…. Her head is in the 50th percentile too, but I don’t have a visualization for that…. She got her 6mos shots today. She

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Zerker Quarterly Review Q2 – 6 Months

This is a little late – but I think it is pretty normal for a quarterly review to take some time to prepare….Zerker was born on 01/09… Age: 6 Months Physical Output:Still smiles all the time – but only if

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Sickness runs amok

So…wow..i have been really bad at posting…work is really keeping me busy…i have this super big project that I had to have pretty much spec’ed out before my vacation and it has been taking my focus and creativity… Our vacation

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5 Months

She already looooved her feet….guess what she realized she can do now? The Zerker is five months old today. She celebrated by sucking on her toes. And, of course, she practiced vocalizing (shrieking) as loud and high as she could.

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Wishing I could Freeze Frame….

It has been a month and I haven’t written one post.I go through these phases, from one extreme to the next sometime, I guess.And while I have been keeping up on my friends blogs (maybe not commenting as much), I

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