Voting and my new morning schedule

I voted today. I am anxious about the election results.

Starbucks gave out bracelets for people who voted.

And I have also established one of my new routines.
I mentioned that I have been trying to be healthier. I getting into the habit of being more active.
When I was going through classes for PCOS my doctor gave me a nutritional guideline and said that I should do mild cardio and lift weights regularly.
My morning routine is now something like this:

Walk .5 miles
Lift weights – I do a little bit of everything – Chest, Arms, Abs, Legs, etc.
Walk .5 miles

Instead of the treadmill I am using the track at my gym. It takes 15 laps to walk a mile, so I walk 7.5 laps, then lift, then walk another 7.5.
I know that I will need to up this workout eventually, but right now I am just getting into a rhythm. This is week three for me. I am using fitocracy to track my workouts. I am not sure I like their interface that much, but I like keeping track of what I do. I could do spark people again, but

I am not really putting myself on a specific diet. I am being more cognizant of my food choices. And this week I will be going to the doctor to see if I can try out ad.i.pex.
I don’t feel like I need it, but I don’t think it can hurt to try!

So anyway – my morning schedule one day a week is to go to the gym at 5am, then go to the grocery and pick up the weeklys. Then I return home, get lunches ready, maybe have time for a spot of breakfast and a cup of coffee. I clothe the children and myself and head out the door.
I also do this schedule, minus the groceries, two other days a week.
And today I did this schedule plus I voted, so that counts extra. :)

Wish me luck!

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