Slow Change

I like to think that NaBlPoMo is a forgiving concept/activity.

I missed yesterday. I was at home with a whole bunch of sick people. Z promptly puked when I got home Tuesday night so I kept them home with me in the morning. C and I spent most of the day feeling yucky too – and then Nadie came home and slept the afternoon away after leaving sick from work.

I don’t feel great today, but I am at work. I am running out of vacation days. I don’t have anymore sick days. I thought they were supposed to get through most of these illnesses in the first few years of daycare. Coming on year four and we still find new ways to build up immunities! So pardon me while I turn green and run to the restroom. Ugh. I am just waiting for daycare to call and say that Charlie needs to go home. He probably shouldn’t be there, but Nadie couldn’t stay home, so he at least needed to show up and get his laptop. I took an extra set of clothes. I know that means I am probably a bad mom. Whatever.

One of those days I guess.

I did work out today though. I wasn’t quite awake until after the first twenty minutes. That is when I realized my stomach was not quite right. I felt like a mean green weightlifting machine. Ugh.


Oh and here is a picture of Z on the day we went to the pumpkin patch. We had just finished a very pleasant lunch (amazing with two toddlers) at a local eatery. She wanted me to take her picture (never happens). I am amazed at the quality since I took it with my phone.

Oh, so back to the title of this post ‘Slow change.’

There is a research group at school that is studying slow change. There is also a class called ‘rapid design for slow change’.

I think the idea of slow change and understanding that things usually don’t happen overnight is a great concept. I need to keep reminding myself that my battle with living healthier is a slow change. Little by little things will evolve. Have a great day.


Today I am thankful that as a mother I can clean up puke without throwing up. It isn’t that I love the puke, but for some reason it just doesn’t bother me. Love the child, not the puke. Right?

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