I was going to title this post ‘Mornings and why I think my children might be bi-polar’, but then I chickened out. I didn’t want to offend any people who are bi-polar (I have my own neurosis). I don’t really mind what my children think about it though….

Most weekday mornings are a mix of waking up – trying to get them to eat food – getting them dressed – and my gawd how long does it take to put on shoes and socks and coats….
One of them is usually in a mood. They don’t want to move, don’t want to go anywhere, don’t want cereal – they want a breakfast bar and cheese and bologna and why can’t they have chips for breakfast? And yes they did ask for milk, but now they will scream if they do not get apple juice. And how could you bring me a plate that is not purple? And I want the monkey cup, not the dinosaur cup. Why don’t you love me enough to give me the monkey cup? Why does he get the monkey cup?

It comes in fits – and I do my best not to loose my patience. Sometimes I do, but most of the time I am gently encouraging them that the cup doesn’t matter and that the food is just the same and that they will have fun at pre-school and get to play outside with their best friends.

Sometimes I do lose my patience. I try not to feel guilty about it. A friend of mine when I tell her about this talks about how she never remembers her mom getting upset at all. And, the fact that I rarely remember my Mother getting upset (although I know she did sometimes) means that most likely they will not remember. And, if they do I hope they think of it as a rare occurrence. I mean it is a rare occurrence anyway, but I still have guilt. I usually don’t show my frustration to them (I go in the other room).

The strange thing is that once we walk outside, we climb into our seats, and buckle into the car – once the car is moving – then it usually fades. We sing a song, or listen to the radio show, or sometimes we pretend we are driving through the ocean in a submarine. That storyline typically decends into driving through octopus poop and starfish pee, but it makes us giggle anyway. And when we get to pre-school there are days (it comes in phases) when none of us really want to say goodbye. I know they have fun and forget soon after. I know that I am fulfilled by my job and schoolwork. This is not a post about staying at home vs being a working mother. It would be the same if I had to go anywhere with little goofies.

And even though I get stressed sometimes, I wouldn’t change it. Kids have their own moods. They go through things. They get better at somethings. Usually it isn’t both of them at the same time. I can manage. :)


In other news I am working pretty hard at being healthy. I am working out regularly and eating food that is good for me.

Wish me luck.




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