Hello Wall

‘We just went to the beach, like yesterday.’
or ‘Can we do it tomorrow?’
‘Can I have five more minutes of play?’

Zoe is starting to become aware of the passing of time., except everything in the past happened yesterday and everything in the future is tomorrow. She does know that five more minutes will give her more time to splash around in the bath.

She is trying all of the typical toddler tricks to elongate staying up at night, like ‘I just need a little snack’ or ‘I need to give you big hugs and kisses’.

She tells me she loves me all the time. She says ‘Mommy I love you so much and I like you too. I like you and I love you.’

Still she probably doesn’t understand that much because when she was in bed with me the other night after she told me she loved me she also told the wall that she loved it. And then she stood up and gave the wall big hugs and kisses too. So there’s that.

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