Vacation, All I ever Wanted

Can I just say that writing this post three months later makes me sooooo long to be back on vacation.

I was just reminded of how awesome our trips to Florida are last night when I was looking at a world map with Zoe. She was very interested in finding out where Florida was, oh and the name of the largest purple country

We went on our annual trip in late May. This year we stayed in the best unit that our usual resort has to offer.

My sister manages the resort we usually go to. Sometimes it saves us money, but usually we still pay for the unit. (We have gotten a few freebies before. Awesome.) But personally I like to got there, not because of the money, but because I can walk down and bother my sister at work whenever I feel like it. And I don’t get to see her very often, since she lives a thousand miles away.

So, back to the beauty of Unit 1.

Our lovely unit 1, on the beach of Longboat Key…

Unit 1 is a two bedroom (Yay! We can put them to sleep and then have our OWN bed!).

It has an awesome wrap around porch.

And you can view the sunset from when the clouds are not out, or have breakfast with the constant rolling of the waves as background noise.

Both Charlie and Zoe loved the sand.

And Zoe is still quite the fish (although she did realize that the ocean was too much for her, and she needed to stay with Mommy or Daddy).

And we only had a few scares where we thought the children had run away. (Zoe was so tired she was hiding in her bed sleeping when we couldn’t find her. Charlie, well he really was trying to bolt for the road, but we got him in time!) He loved to traipse around after dragons and sometimes hide in the sand and grass. He always reacts to bugs or sun or something, so we spend half the week dosing him with benedryl.



my little JFK

And my favorite part was the sunset with a tropical drink….

Every year we wish we had more time. We have so many relatives in the area that more than half of our vacation is visiting with them, which I cherish. Still, it is nice to have a few quiet days spent without leaving our cottage. Next year I want to stay two weeks.

Zoe is still talking about Florida. Every time we go out of town she asks if we can go there. She liked the sunsets too…

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