Charlie Turns Two

Charlie and his Papa at his 2nd Birthday Party

Since my last major kid post was about Zoe’s Birthday Party, I should probably say something about Charlie’s birthday.

Charlie’s birthday is on Star Wars day (May the Fourth Be With You). And it always seems like it falls right after my extended family has had several family outings and birthday parties. Also, it is right around the time that several of his older cousins have birthdays (and my Mom’s birthday is May 1st).

So when it comes to planning a birthday party, I haven’t made it nearly as complicated as Zoe’s. His first birthday was spent with just our little family. We had cake and birthday hats. Personally, I thought it was just fine. He wouldn’t have really understood what was going on if we had twenty people singing to him.

This year I felt like we needed to do something with the extended family, but because of the other things I mentioned before, I didn’t want to overdo it. Next year we will do a bigger party. He will be older and understand.

What we did do was go to the park with several of our relatives, have cake, open presents and play on the huge playground. It was extremely hot. but we all had a good time.

Charlie got a basketball hoop and a remote control car. He received other special gifts, but I can’t remember them right now.

The remote control car was the cutest. When he figured out that he was the one making it go his face lit up and he started running after the car.

Next year we will have a more substantial birthday party for him, but this year was just right. :)

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