Until we are out of the woods….

So I figured that I was posting that picture way to early. By my estimates my due date would be Mar 11th. I calculate it from the First day of my last cycle and of my estimated ovulation, and get the same thing.

But, an incident with spotting made me think I should be more worried than a normal 1st trimester pregnant woman. I fear I am back to my vulnerable womb issues. I never had spotting with my other pregnancies, but you can look back to April and May of 2008 to see a whole lot of drama regarding getting pregnant with Z.

I had a beta done on Friday and Sunday. The numbers (440, 730) were low, but not horrible. It is not doubling in 48 hours, but it is less than 72 hours. The nurse said she thought maybe I miscalculated the due date. I know the date of conception. I am sure of it. But this has me wondering if my body just doesn’t exude hcg like other peoples. Perhaps Z’s was not an abnormality but what is actually normal for my little baby making organs. I never had beta draws with Charlie. I found out I was pregnant later in the cycle.

Anyway, prayers and good thoughts are welcome!

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One comment on “Until we are out of the woods….
  1. Io says:

    I will totally think good thoughts my fellow BSG lover!