In love with the Man in the Red Suit

The best part about this Christmas has to have been Zoe’s complete and unadulterated love for all things Santa Claus. When she saw Santa anywhere she wanted to talk.

When we went to visit him and sit on his lap she waited so patiently, waving her hand and whispering hello. When it was her turn she ran and hopped on his lap.
She diligently said she wanted toys for Christmas (she wasn’t really specific, we had talked to her about telling Santa what toys she wanted for Christmas, she just went with the general toys term). She then did not want to get up off of his lap, nor leave Santa’s little location at the mall. I am continually learning the nuances of traveling with an almost three-year-old who knows what she wants when she wants it and that she must do it herself. It is sort of like a game – to see whether I can make it to the car and back into the house on a trip or even whether I can get shoes, coats, and hats on the kids and get her to sit in her carseat. But, I digress.

She loved Santa when we went to visit my nieces choir show – so much that she insisted on leaving the auditorium to find out where he went when he came on stage and then exited through one of the side doors. I mean – Santa was IN THE BUILDING – it was necessary that she see him and talk to him.

She loved Santa when she sat on his lap on Christmas eve, and she really didn’t want to get up and let her cousins talk to him!

And she loved what he brought to our house!

Another event that happened over the season was Zoe’s first dance recital.

If you have a chance to watch this, I think you will agree that Zoe, the wild little blonde running back and forth on the stage doing practically doing a solo, is not afraid to be in the spotlight. I suppose we will keep up with the dance class thing.

I know this post is very Zoe focused, mostly because she really started to understand Christmas a little more this year. Charlie, on the otherhand, didn’t get much about Santa. You notice his non-excitement in that first Santa picture? He really needed a nap that day. :) He did love playing with the Rudolph toys and he LOVES his new Buzz!

Also, he liked watching is sissy at the show!

He continues to be more mild mannered than his sister, and she is boisterous enough for the both of them. I enjoy his subtle smiles and tenderness. He is talking up a storm, although most might not understand what he says. The words are there. :) We are so very blessed to have two beautiful healthy children.

Here is a look at our Christmas card this year. Belated Merry Christmas to you, and yours.

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One comment on “In love with the Man in the Red Suit
  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness, was she happy to meet Santa! Neither of my two were happy about the man in the red suit this year. I really should post that picture.