Going to the Zone Defense

A friend of mine said that with two kids you play man-to-man defense, but the third kid means you move to a zone.

Today I went to the doctor and had my IUD taken out.

This means we are officially ‘trying’ for a third child. This might also mean that we are officially nuts.

Doc said that if I show any signs of PCOS in the next three months to come back and we can talk about next steps. I am not getting any younger (I just turned 34) and since we already know that there could be issues there is no reason to wait the normal year.

It was nice to see the Gentle Doctor. He is such a calming and sensitive person.

I am not worried about the whole thing. If it happens that is awesome. If it doesn’t then I am ok with that. I am extremely blessed to have two healthy and amazing kidlets. Zoe just turned three and Charlie turns two in May.

We just decided that if we were going to have another we should make it sooner rather than later, before we forget what it is like to change diapers and wake up at all hours.

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