Dollhouses and Rainbows – Part Two

Yesterday we had Zoe’s Rainbow Birthday Party.

She turns 3 tomorrow.

The day and the party went fantastically!

There were lots of Rainbow decorations and foods.

And Happy Birthday was sung!

And a tall Rainbow cake was eaten!

And mustaches for all….

And presents were given! The dollhouse was a big hit!

Zoe was almost passed out on her cousin’s lap before everyone had left. She had such a great time!

I felt like it was just enough decor and ‘theme’ for a three year old!

Much fun was had by all!

From Rainbows and Mustaches
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One comment on “Dollhouses and Rainbows – Part Two
  1. Jennifer says:

    Love it! We did a rainbow theme for Jillian’s birthday in October, and I made the same cake. Everybody was so impressed by it, even though it was fairly simple to make (albeit time consuming). It looks like the party was a big hit!