Life is good (Hot, but good).

I don’t know if anyone even reads this. I don’t mind that, because I wanted to do it more as a record of events. Still I am very poor at posting!
It has been months since I posted, and that was just a picture of the woods from our retreat.

It is so hot they are calling it oppressive. 115 degrees with the heat index.

The kids are just coming off of a cold/ear infections. So am I.

We had an amazing vacation. We stayed in our usual unit at Little Gull.


Zoe fell in love with the ‘OCEAN!’. It was the word of the week. She also learned that she cannot breath under water and that she should not just jump into a pool without an adult. We need to get her into swimming lessons.

Charlie ate a lot of sand. He didn’t like the ocean nearly as much, but he did like running after the birds and trying to eat the shells.

Zoe can put on her crocs by herself, but she never puts them on the right feet.

It was wonderful to get away.

Charlie is starting to talk more. Today we were playing ‘Tap Tap Baby’ on the iPad and he said Moo, Woof Woof, and Meow.
Zoe is really missing dance class. It is off for the month. Every day she walks around practicing her shuffle step. She actually did her front roll by herself yesterday without rolling to the side.

Work is crazy busy. I took a summer course, but I finished it before we went on vacation.
I am only taking one course this fall. I had to drop an evening one. I didn’t think it would be good for the family. Also, Jason started a new job and he will be on a late shift, so I wouldn’t have been able to take it anyways.

Zoe just attempted to tell me a joke. Something about knock knock and bananas and oranges. Also we are eating blueberries.
Life is good.

PS I am setting some new goals for weight loss. Nadie and I had a talk about #3, but I don’t want to be pregnant again without losing some of this weight. I think it will help my back. And you know what, I think having #3 as a goal will help to keep me on task with the weight loss stuff. It helped before Z.

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