Wonder Z turns 2

Do you know who is now a full-fledged two year old in all her terror and glory?

That is right! It’s Zoe Ellen Ruth Kyle!
We celebrated her birthday with the Wonder Pets. She loves Ming Ming. She thinks Tuck and Linny are awesome too, but she has a special place for Ming Ming. I think it is because Ming Ming is very similar to Z in personality. She is funny, independent, and likes to be the center of attention.
I checked a lot of invitations with the Wonder Pets on them, but decided to design them myself – to save money (with inspiration from here)….

And I got to break out my new sewing machine to make her a Wonder Z cape to wear on her special day…(and whenever else she wants since she is so into dressing up!)

I also made a special dress for her to wear. It should fit her for a while, but I tacked a 2 on it for the party.

She had a lovely time hanging with her friends and cousins. Everyone was cheerful, despite the previous evenings NFL Playoff loss by the Colts. :) It’s funny how football is so much less important these days – with two little ones to always make us smile. :)

When we sang Happy Birthday, she was a little overwhelmed. It is funny because she always loves to be the center of attention, but I don’t think she was prepared for the serenade. Since then she has been working on singing, ‘Happy Birthday’ with the Minnie Mouse card she got from her cousins.

The days fly by. She learns and grows more every day.
The rest of this is to remember Zoe at two…

She is still obsessed with books and the alphabet. She can count to ten. She loves to dance and jump. She doesn’t start eating the crayons until a few minutes after the coloring starts. And when I ask her not to eat them and tell her I will take away each crayon she puts to her mouth she continues to put each one in her mouth as I take them away. I am sure she is just looking for the attention, and she will enjoy coloring more than being scolded one day. She has been in time out a few times and she is very good at staying still until she is allowed to come out, although she sometimes cries through it, upset to be in trouble.
Every color is yellow, even though she has said red, blue green and purple.
Her favorite shape is the circle, which she calls werkle. She knows the rest of the shapes, but refuses to say triangle. She usually calls them werkles, even though I have heard her say triangle before. She is the master of the shape sorter – circles stars triangles squares.
She can do basic puzzles – and loves to take them out.
She plays with all of her stuffed animals, and calls them out by name. She calls the monkeys ‘bears’. Her method of playing is to take every animal out and put them in another place, whether it is on the couch or in her brother’s playpen while he is sleeping….She says ‘Here Bubby’ when she loads him up with animals.
She loves the moon. She looks for it every morning.

Last week we started a dance class! I need to get a picture of her at it, because watching a 2 year old at dance class is like going to the cute overload convention.
She works on kicks and spins and front rolls.
I started to write out what she is saying, but there is really too much to write.
She is smart and funny and great at being a big sister. She starts the day with ‘Hi Bubby!’ and continues to make sure he is happy throughout the day by giving him toys and kisses.
Some days she is an awesome napper. Other times she flat out refuses and will loudly cry in her crib until she is allowed to get up.
Right now her favorite song is ‘Where is thumbkin’ and she tries to sing the words, but you can only understand a few, like thumbkin and thank you.
There is so much more to say.
She is a fabulous two year old, so much fun to have around – even if she pees on the floor every now and then when we are trying to air out her bottom and potty train or whacks her bubby on the head handing him a toy.

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