Christmas at the Kyle’s

I really wanted to get better at posting again, but I’m doing the best I can.

Christmas break was wonderful. I had two weeks off. Jason had one week off. We didn’t go anywhere. We stayed home, visited friends and family nearby. I really needed that time to re-focus and get ready for the next year.

Christmas Eve we always go to my brother’s house. We had a lovely time this year, as usual. My family sings the song ‘Must be Santa’ by Mitch Miller and the Gang over and over again with hand gestures and all. It is quite goofy.

This year the morning before the party I played the song for Zoe. I showed her the hand gestures. When it came time to do the song at the party she quickly ran into the center of the circle and tried to do all of the moves. It was completely adorable.

The only bad part about the party was the snow that came down while we were there. My brother lives out in the boonies (in the house I grew up in). I was the designated driver for the party. I hate driving in the snow. It was the worst conditions I have ever driven in. We were blessed to make it home safe and sound.

The kiddos had matching Christmas pajamas. They wore them to the family party.

When we got home, the kids went directly to bed and we helped Santa into the house (we don’t have a chimney)!

The next morning we brought the kids down to see what Santa had brought.

Zoe is now totally on her way to becoming the greatest chef of all time! (And I am doomed to a life of picking up and tripping over wooden food.)

And Charlie may have gotten the coolest present, ever! They both love to watch the little cars go round and round – perhaps it is hypnotic…

Charlie was more interested in the paper than the presents this year.

But they really have enjoyed their new toys…

We actually had to open presents quickly so we could get to church where I had to lead the music. Although it was rushed, it was lovely experience. I guess most of the people at the church had gone to the Midnight Mass, so the Christmas Day Mass was more intimate. Jason had the cry room all to himself and the kids. And, I was able to help him out from communion on. Zoe even went up to the cantor stand with me on the Lamb of God, although she kept trying to grab my lips, so I doubt that will be a regular occurrence.
We spent the rest of the day at home. On Sunday we had a little Christmas feast. We roasted a turkey and all of the usual accompaniments. It was delicious. Charlie even got to eat some mashed potatoes at the table with the rest of us!
All in all, we had a lovely time! We are so very blessed.

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