one class a semester

I have been very bad at posting. I never posted Charlie’s second quarter update. I can tell you it wasn’t because I was sitting at home eating bon bons.

My first class is finished. I am told it is the most time consuming class in the entire program. I sure hope so! I don’t think I could do that over and over again for three years. :)

The course was Interaction Design Practice. It was interesting. It was a great way to meet my classmates. It was also an endless chain of group projects, one more complicated than the next. It was three classes a week plus group meetings. Also we had to write weekly reflections in a class blog – so I was moonlighting. Perhaps I will post a few of those reflections here for keeping track of what went on.

So add that to the two babies and full time job. I was extremely grateful to my wonderful husband and flexible job. It was a little hectic at times. If I use that class as a gauge of what I can handle, I am pretty sure I can only do one class a semester. Maybe it will get easier. My class next semester has zero group work and only meets once a week. I know the homework will be tough, but at least I can do it on my own time. We will see.

Yesterday was my birthday. I would like to write a reflective post, but might not get to it. The day was wonderful. I was snowed in from work. While working from home I was able to spend time in the snow with Zoe. Charlie is just TOOO little to even care.

Also, we were able to set up the table so I worked while Zoe colored. She did actually color some, but lost her crayons as she put them in her mouth.

The big news from my B-day was that Charlie finally figured out how to crawl – hand foot hand foot….it was super cute, although I think we are in for some interesting times with two mobile crazy kidlets. I am not waiting for when he realizes the limitlessness of his domain.

And the evening was spent having wonderful food at Zydecos, a New Orleans style restaurant in the town closest to us. It was a fabulous time. I had a hurricane, oysters, and a sampler of jambalaya, etouffle, garlic soup and red beans and rice.

I will be on vacation until the end of the year. I have lots of presents to wrap. Jason will also be on vacation one of the weeks. I am looking forward to some great days!

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