You’ve got the love – Week 12

I started this week driving to work with a sense that I was going to be happy regardless of what came my way.

A few times I felt the urge to worry or get bogged down with fear or things that were out of my control. When those thoughts came into my head I actually reminded myself about being happy. It was sort of a …’whoa there – hey now – don’t sweat it’….sort of feeling. It was beautiful.

Other great things that happened this week were:

  • Two colleagues I have worked with for almost ten years came to visit from Boston. I can count on my hands the number of times I have spent time with them in person, but I have worked, chatted, lived with them everyday for a long time. It is always refreshing just to be in the same location with them.
  • I had a great few days with a colleague that came into town from Minnesota for an important project we are working together. It was enlightening and inspiring.
  • We gave our presentation on Wednesday. I was really glad to get the critique, and think that the highlights of where we need to strengthen our design were spot on. I am excited to see where we can take it.
  • We had our post mortem and grading. I am happy with how we did. I really liked that scoring technique, and I really appreciate our mentor’s (and all of the others) guidance.
  • We have a huge amount of work to do for Project 5. I am anxious to get started.

Listening to: You’ve got the love – Florence + the Machine

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