thankful – week 13

Tuesday’s class was a great reminder. We have inside us all that we need to know at this point to make our design the best that can be. I was in the group that ripped up our design. And following that class, we literally did get rid of our main concept and attempt to solve our problem from a different angle. I think we are keeping the best parts of what we want to accomplish, while doing a better job at really solving the problem of connecting people’s differences.

It was great to have a break from everything. I had a few days off of work as well, so I made it an extra long weekend. It was filled with baking, family, shopping, a blown tire and IDP meetings/design work. This Thanksgiving I was most thankful for my partner in life, Jason, who puts up with me, supports me in my endeavors, and celebrates life with me.

wrt the blown tire – I was driving to an IDP meeting when my tire completely shredded on Hwy 67 South. I am extremely thankful for four things.

  1. It didn’t blow the evening before when we were driving home from Thanksgiving dinner in the rain with the kids in tow.
  2. I didn’t lose control of the vehicle possibly causing personal or vehicular damage.
  3. For my husband came immediately to help me change the tire and follow me home to get it replaced.
  4. To be blessed enough that I can afford new tires without extreme hardship to my family.
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