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thankful – week 13

Tuesday’s class was a great reminder. We have inside us all that we need to know at this point to make our design the best that can be. I was in the group that ripped up our design. And following

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You’ve got the love – Week 12

I started this week driving to work with a sense that I was going to be happy regardless of what came my way. A few times I felt the urge to worry or get bogged down with fear or things

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what it is that makes you so happy – week 11

Sing a song. Hope a hope. Dream a dream. Listen to advice (but only when it feels right.) SMILE. Laugh. Be Joyful…. And then keep forever in your Heart what it is that makes you so happy. I started and

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the only way out is through – week 10

A list for the week: Expanding and Contracting sort of feels like a manic-depressive episode to me….we get on fire about something – move forward and contract – then expand all over again and the chaos begins….I know (or at

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