Week 1 Reflection

Since I am only taking one class, my first two days of classes included our first lecture in Interaction Design Practice. That might not seem like much, but everything else around me has changed too. Because I have to leave work earlier for class on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have to get to there much earlier. And getting to work means getting up, feeding, clothing and getting two babies out the door and to daycare. They are usually pretty happy in the mornings, so as long as I get a cup of coffee in me and a bit of fiber and protein I am doing OK. I did get something in the crock pot for dinner so that my husband wasn’t extremely overwhelmed when he got home and had the kids alone during what is sometimes the most trying part of the day. Unfortunately our daughter has an ear infection and is teething so she isn’t the happiest of toddlers these days.

The week flew by and new projects began at the office. I am concerned with juggling all of these things at once. I usually try to go with the flow of the things and trust that things will work out. Still there are some things that I sort of feel have no room for error. I have to perform well at my job to help support my family. I want to do my best in the classes so I can learn as much as I possibly can in the program. And, there is no room for error when it comes to raising my children or maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband.

I don’t mean to sound like I am complaining. I took on this challenge because if I don’t do it now then when would I do it? I am so excited to be in the classroom again. I can apply the things I am learning right now at work. I am already planning on discussing setting up a monthly usability testing morning with my boss from what we are reading in the Krug book.

Of course, there are also the nervous, self confidence issues that have tried to invade my mind these days too. ~~What am I thinking! ~~I won’t fit in at all.~~ I am too old and my stories about ABC’s and babies rolling over will sound alien to my classmates.~~ I have been working too long and my experiences might be a burden. (I am really focusing on becoming the cleanest slate possible after working for ten years.  Zen Dog don’t fail me now!) ~~People will not want to do group work with me because of my schedule conflicts.~~ I just need to let those thoughts flow by and move on to the next priority. This is just the first class. I have a lot more to do. I better just sit tight and continue the ride!

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