Turkey and White Bean Chili Recipe

1lb of Ground Turkey
1 lb of Ground Turkey Sausage
2 cans of White Beans
1 package of McCormick White Chicken Chili Spices (You could use your own spices instead. I love ginger, garlic and cumin as an intriguing mix for white chili.)
1 Jar of Salsa Verde
5 cups of water
1 chopped onion
1 chopped green pepper
1 bag frozen corn

Brown and drain the Ground Turkey and Turkey Sausage
Combine all of the ingredients into the Crock Pot and put on low for the day.

It is especially yummy with some sour cream, mozzarella cheese, black olives, diced tomatoes and diced onions to top it off!

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One comment on “Turkey and White Bean Chili Recipe
  1. Teresa says:

    Yummy!!! Thanks, can’t wait to make it!