A cleansed soul for Charlie bug….

I am so behind…I finally got the pictures from Charlie’s baptism posted. I still need to create his Quarterly review.
He is so long and skinny. He is my little Charlie Bug. He has a bottle around 11 or midnight and then another between 6am and 8am…depending on when he wakes up.
I like the morning one the best. I groggily get out of bed and make the bottle and then I snuggle with my bug while he drains his 4 ounces.
Here is one picture from his baptism.

He was so good. Zoe was a wild woman and she pulled her pigtails out before the baptism ever took place. That day we had been running non-stop. The night before Jason decided that he HAD to go to his 20 year high school reunion, even though he had said he didn’t want to go for two months….so we got up early and ran to Lafayette to walk around Jeff High School and have pizza at a park…then we flew home to get ready and make it to 4:30 Church – which I had to be there at 4pm because I was cantoring…it was insane. Afterward my parents and my brother and SIL and their kids all went to Gray Brothers. Let’s just say I was happy to see the couch that evening when it was all over.

My haircut was awful. I got a cut before I went back to work. It was from my normal salon, but it wasn’t as short as I wanted it…so I made the horrible mistake of going to a walk-ins welcome salon at walmart and the chick butchered my hair. If I wasn’t a big girl I would have cried for days….what am I saying I did cry for days on the inside….so after 6 weeks I went to my REAL hairstylist and had her re-style it so that it didn’t look like a horrible muppet-billy rae cyrus-mullet look. Oh my goodness what was I thinking.’
Sorry this post is so crazy…I just needed to get ‘something’ out there so I wouldn’t wait any longer….

Here are the rest of the pictures….

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