3 months a little late and wow things change so fast

First of all, here is Charlie’s three month review:

I don’t have his stats as far as weight and length because he didn’t have a 3 month visit. His four month visit is this friday. As far as I can see he is super long (fitting into 6mo clothes already) but pretty skinny. We all thought he would be a big big boy, but he is basically a skinny long tube. He still fits into size one diapers with is teeny little butt. I hope the doctor doesn’t say he is too skinny!

Charlie is soooo strong….he can hold his head up on his tummy although he does look like a turtle when he does it. Also, he is almost ready to roll from back to tummy, but he hasn’t done it yet. We got an exersaucer this weekend that is just right at its lowest level for him and he can hold himself up in it and he loves playing with his scrunchy toys while pushing himself up to standing….crazy for a four month old! Pretty soon he will be crawling and into everything!

So we have some news….Nadie got a new job. After nine months of being home he was so ready to be out of the house…he is back in software – which is great…we are so blessed to have been able to weather and actually thrive during the storm…it was a blessing in many ways.

So last week was a huge one for our family. The kids started at a new daycare, I had orientation for my Graduate courses and Nadie started his job. We were all pretty much exhausted by the end of the week. Everybody was grouchy on Thursday evening.

After visiting a bunch of daycare centers I decided Z and C really needed a more specific play area. We finally turned the dining room downstairs into a play room. I got a train table and a toy bin and a book shelf and a storage shelf. Z has been having a blast playing there. I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. It just makes things so much easier so she has better access to all of her toys.

Z is obsessed with her alphabet. She is constantly playing with blocks or her letter puzzle or the magnetic letters. The way she lines up the blocks, we are sort of concerned about OCD…LOL She also loves the numbers, and when she plays with them you hear her say ‘WAN, DWU, WAN” which is I think Z speak for 1 2 3.

She started trying to push really hard on doors and such and making this huge grunting noise….it is sooooo cute. I will try to get a video of it. Right now she is teething and goes through about 3-4 bibs during the day to catch her drool. Ew!

On the way home from daycare we go over animal sounds. She loves to meow. Her woof is more like WOO WOO, and then her quack is a lot like WAA WAA. In any case it is absolutely adorable.

Sometimes I am not sure what I did to deserve such blessings….

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One comment on “3 months a little late and wow things change so fast
  1. Teresa says:

    What a fantastic update! Great news for a great family:)