In the middle of it all

Sometimes life has a cadence to it. I can sense being at the end of a phase….moving to the next thing.
Right now I just sort of feel in the middle of it all.

I am back from maternity leave. I start school in late August.
The Senate couldn’t come to an agreement on the Unemployment Extension, so we are hanging in the balance and wondering what we do next.
The extension is just a delay of the inevitable anyways, but it is still a frustration. Our state benefits ran out after the federal extension ended, so even though some people have received 2 years of assistance we received nothing more than the state benefits. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I am not. I just wish there was a better economy out there.

I know we will manage. I am thankful for my job.

In brighter news, Charlie turns 2 months on Sunday the 4th. I am going to do a photo shoot with C and Z later this week, but I did take his picture last night so you can see how much he has grown. He is starting to smile. He is a really good baby. I wish I could spend more time with him. I am glad he is with his daddy.

Zoe has consistently been testing the waters on how to get what she wants. She is very good at looking for something she should not have and then running away and giggling. If you take away something she wants or reprimand her for anything she will either act like you hurt her feelings or launch her head back and scream. Dear Lord, I hope we make it through this period without a concussion or a cracked skull.

Despite the hard times, we are lucky people to be with these to kiddos…and to be together…

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