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After a lot of discernment Nadie and I have made a few decisions. At this point I am going to only take one class this fall. I am turning down the AI that was offered to me. I am continuing to work full-time while doing this.
Even just adding this one class will be a big deal, I know.
The wonderful thing is that I think all of this is doable. I have been walking around scared of what would happen this fall – worried that I would take on too much and then fail.
Now I think – this is not so bad – this is awesome!
And the coolest thing is that they still are offering a scholarship! So just taking one class will mean that most of my tuition is covered. That is awesome! I thought the tuition assistance was tied to the Assistant Instructorship they offered – but nope! Yay!

So now I can focus on a little man that I will meet soon!
I have been picking up little clothes here and there. I got a huge tub of clothes from my brother and SIL that will help heaps! Today I picked up the stroller and when the rain dies down I am going to have Nadie get the box out of the car so I can put it together.
I got little Chuckie some bottles. At least I know enough to know that he needs slow nipples at first! I remember learning that nipples had speeds with Zoe. I still think they should make onesies that say ‘I like fast nipples’ on them.
I don’t think we will Breastfeeding this time. I mean, at first we will try, but I will supplement from the beginning. This time it will probably be even more necessary because I am having a c-section and may not experience any labor at all – so none of those hormones that help tell the body to make milk.
Another decision that we made is to NOT consider selling our house. My brother had called last weekend and told us they are going to sell their house. They live in the house that I grew up in on the property that has been in our family for generations. Nadie was all for putting our house up for sale and moving there. I was excited too, but I had some reservations.
First, well – I am having a baby in four weeks – not the best time to get a house ready for sale and move.
Second, we live in a neighborhood that has been greatly affected by the housing decline – foreclosures, etc – and we probably would not be able to sell it for what we need to and we wouldn’t make any profit on the house.
Three, the house we would buy is an hour and a half commute one-way away from the majority of jobs that Nadie is looking at….and I can’t imagine him driving three hours every day and being happy in the long run.

The thing is that the house and the property are beautiful. It would be a gift to live there and raise our children. Still, it isn’t really what has been in our five year plan for a while, so I am hesitant to change all of our plans at the drop of a hat. As Nadie said, sometimes those opportunities weren’t in your plan because you didn’t see them. I agree with that….to me the biggest issue is – I am 35 weeks pregnant! I can’t move! AcccckkkH! Plus I would hate to buy a house and then be unhappy because of the commute and be stuck there.
I hate the thought that the property might go out of our family again, but I can’t do it this time……

Happy Easter!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I sort of have the same attitude on breastfeeding. It didn’t go well with Jillian thanks to her NICU stay and ended after a few weeks. I’ll definitely try it again but if it doesn’t work out then I’m not going to let myself feel bad like I did last time.