dear little boy

Dear Charlie,
This time and closeness with you has been amazing. It has gone by so quickly. You are my surprise love – the one that said hey since you seem to be having so much fun down there do you mind if I join you?
And every time you move inside of me is amazing…there are no words….you seem bigger and harder to carry around than your sister was – it is my hope that it means you are thriving and happy inside my womb.
In less than a month you will be out and unattached to me. I will miss your movements inside of me – but I will be so happy to hear your cries and see your smiles and watch you grow.
Your sister doesn’t understand that you are coming, but I know once you are here she will become your best friend, and even show you how to make friends with Mittens and Gus and Starbuck. Don’t listen to her about Grace – that cat will never like anyone – not even your momma!
Z will give you examples of how to be an awesome little kid – but you will have your own awesomeness too….you can show her a thing or two!
Get here soon so we can all snuggle together…..
Love- Momma

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