I find scatterings and smatterings of the same ideas colliding around my consciousness. I get a magazine that has an article here…I get sent to a link that has a video there…and they are unrelated yet connected….and they are saying what streams across my mind when I walk down the stairs or I drive to work or I brush my teeth.

I think about faith and religion and souls and paths and where things will head and what it all means on a constant basis.
Sometimes I just have to shut it off because I AM NOT GOING TO GET THE ANSWER TODAY.
Its sort of like that Ani song ‘What if no ones watching’….it spooks me, and then I realize it doesn’t matter….
But then there are the days when I have a real crisis of doubt – the last time I wigged myself out I remember the homily at the next day in church seemed to speak to me directly – calming my fears.
And then I read this article by fellow Providence Associate, Brother Barry. It reminds me that my doubt is a blessing, that it increases my faith and keeps it on its toes.
And then I stumbled on this lecture by Richard Feynman (probably the most brilliant scientist ever – Nadie has a man crush on him)….
I think it is interesting that both a man of god and a man of science came to the same answer…living with doubt is better than having all the answers…and especially better than assuming incorrect answers….
signing off to watch further collisions…..

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