Potpourri for 200, Alex….

I committed a second year to the Providence Associates this past weekend. In some ways I didn’t feel like I got the full experience last year because of timing, I couldn’t go to any of the retreats, but in most ways I have never felt more connected to the Woods since I graduated. I told my friend Ellen that I think I have visited there more over the past two years than I have for the ten years since my graduation.

Like the way I said ‘ten years’ since my graduation?  Ugh! And you know what else? I am going to be either a new second mommy or nine months pregnant right around the time my ten year reunion comes along. It is somewhat disappointing, because I didn’t get to go to my five year reunion due to my best friends wedding. Both are excellent excuses, but darn I really want to go back and get wildly drunk with all my old college buds without fear of being caught by an RA. Oh well, life happens – and weddings and babies are blessings. That fifteen year reunion is going to be a doozy!

Also this past weekend Nadie and I became the godparents to my niece DeLainey Marie. You might remember she was born at 26 weeks in April of this year. She is doing great. She is off of oxygen and at home. She looked so precious in her little baptismal dress. I am very honored to be her godmother. I have never been a godmother before.  For her present we did give her a cross that said ‘Bless this Baby Girl’, but my favorite was that I got Delainey and the Zerker BFF necklaces. Granted they will not wear them for a while, but I think it is special.

Oh – and I am really excited because I am cantoring at my church this Sunday.  If you aren’t familiar with the term, the  cantor is the song leader at a catholic mass. I have done a lot of cantoring in the past, but I hadn’t been so bold at my new church to volunteer until a few weeks ago. Today the music director called and asked if I would be willing to step in. The thing is that I don’t sing nearly enough these days – and I sort of feel like if I don’t then I am not doing what I am called to do…It is a month of ‘Time, Talent and Treasure’ in the diocese and we are expected to give where we can…Now Nadie can have fun holding the Zerker all mass long!

I was talking to Nadie this morning. This time before the big ultrasound is  so exciting/frustrating. I can think of great reasons for either gender. If we have a boy, that is great because then we have a boy and a girl! If we have a girl, that is great because then we have two sisters – and I think that having a sister is an amazing experience. Either way – we win!

Gratuitous happy baby picture…..swingme

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One comment on “Potpourri for 200, Alex….
  1. Deb says:

    Congrats! I have been out of the loop for awhile and am just starting to tip toe back into blogland so I hadn’t read about your surprising news! I hope that the ultrasound goes well.

    I am amazed that time has passed so quickly this year. Your daughter is precious!

    Hope that your Mass went well.
    Take Care of you!