Have a Happy Halloween, we did….

The Zerker took full advantage of her first Halloween. She stayed up partying with her cousins until 11 o’clock. Oh my! I am guessing she will be taking two naps today….

She was THE cutest Yoda EVEH!

And she was accompanied by Obi Wan Kenobi and a Storm Trooper….

Next year I am thinking the Zerker can be Princess Leia with the Blobble being Luke Skywalker. (That way Nadie can wear his new Jedi Cloak and Light Sabre again.)

Friday’s OB appt was uneventful. I forgot how simple those things are. BP check, weight check, Urine sample and a listen to the heartbeat on the doppler and we were good to go. The heartbeat was easy to find (unlike this appt with the Zerker) and a good strong 150 bpm. I feel ok now to ‘come out of the closet’ with the pregnancy now.

Happy Halloween!

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