Zerker Quarterly Review – Q3

Age: 9 Months

Physical Output:
Crawling all over the place
Pulls herself up to standing using anything she can find
Will stand on her own for a few seconds until she realizes she is doing it, then promptly sits down

Verbal Output:
says ‘Dada’ to everything
has also said ‘Mama’ and ‘baba’ but usually responds with ‘Dada’ when I try to get her to say ‘Mamma’
loves to babble and tell you what is what

Notable Events:
Went to GenCon
Went to the Zoo with her cousins DeLainey and Dillon
Spent the weekend at the Woods
Went to the Colts Training camp

Sleep Progression:
She sleeps in her crib at the beginning of the night
on a good night she will sleep from 7pm to 5-6am
has had a few ear issues, and doc thinks that is causing her to wake up
when her ears are bothering her she ends up with mommy
is refusing to take naps at daycare

Edible Input:
She just started eating cheerios and other snacks
she eats some jars of baby food, but also likes to try what mommy and daddy are eating
she had her first meal at a restaurant where we ordered mac – n -cheese for her , she ate it without incident (except for the noodles all over the floor)

Diaper Size: 3 – we have found that huggies fit her best

Length: 28 inches
Weight: 19 lbs 12 ozs
# Teeth – still only two – but ponds and streams of drool to show the top four teeth will be here any day….

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3 comments on “Zerker Quarterly Review – Q3
  1. Rose Anne Barnette says:

    Beautiful…bit like the Gerber baby. Congrats on the new life growing inside you. Bit jealous, must say!
    By the way, any news from Florence?
    Love you all,
    Rose Anne

  2. Lee Lee says:

    I loved it all! How cute she is and I must say a joy to watch even during a Colts game! And I really meant that too! She’s FUN! The girls, Mike and I all had fun when we got a chance to watch while Beth & Jason went to see the Colts! Miss you all! Love, Lee Lee

  3. Miss K says:

    I like the way you have the “review” set up. I need to start doing that!