Hooray for sleep!

After fighting it for a few nights, the Zerker has slept through 5am the past two nights. Yay!
She just doesn’t seem to be a sleeper. At her age she should be taking two naps and sleeping a full nights sleep.
I am lucky to get one nap out of her these past few weeks and the daycare hardly seems to even try.
She seems to need me to lay with her for a bit to calm her down, and I am sure they don’t do that at daycare. But, last night Nadie just had her play hard until she was tired and he said she went right to sleep. I was at choir practice.
I was worried that her ears were bothering her after four days of being up for hours at a time in the wee small hours of the morning. She didn’t have any other symptoms – no fever – so I didn’t want to do the over zealous mommy bit at the doctor one more time (I think they are getting used to me being there.) If they were, they seem to have cleared up.
Yesterday she was in a fabulous mood….

Oh – but when I got home from choir practice, Nadie had a story to tell! I guess when he was jogging on the treadmill and the Zerker was hanging in the pack n play she had a major blowout. Like – all over the pack n play and everything that was around her! I tried to sound sincere …Oh dear! That sucks! But it turned into a fit of giggles….hehehehehe! Better you than me!

I’m so bad.

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6 comments on “Hooray for sleep!
  1. Lisa RM says:

    Ugh. I remember the no-sleeping times. If I may, you might want to check out Mary Sheedy’s Parenting your spirited child book. My son is constantly “on” and that book has helped immensely.

  2. Kristin says:

    Huge congrats on your new pregnancy. I hope everything goes smoothly.

    Your little one is gorgeous and I’m glad she let you sleep a little more last night.

  3. Kari says:

    What an adorable little one!!


  4. FET Accompli says:

    Yay for sleeping through the nice! Congrats on being preggo!!

  5. stb says:

    I wouldn’t feel bad either about him dealing with a blowout!

    My husband surprised me this morning- our almost 6-mo old son had wet out of his diaper and my husband not only changed that diaper, but changed the sheets on the crib all without coming to ask me for help :-)

  6. She is so cute!
    And congratulations on your new pregnancy!