Last week was the big convention that my development project was being showcased at. It was the first time it was in the spotlight outside our company. I guess it went extremely well. (I did not attend, and I am so glad about that.) I am really satisfied that it went so well. I sometimes have a hard time seeing what is complete, when I know how much more is left to go. So this was a beginning of the next phase for the project. We need more resources. I loose the development resources I have. I am excited. It is so freaking cool to be doing this. The only way it could be better is if it was about something in my own interest, like arts and crafts, music, or something like that. I work in the corporate travel space, so it isn’t necessarily something I dream about – but hey – it is a very challenging space to be in – and there is always so much to learn.

We decided to join the Bloomingfoods Coop.

Bloomingfoods Coop

We don’t actually live in Bloomington, but I work in Bloomington. My office is across the street from one of their locations. I grab lunch there every other week or so, and I will stop at the market to pick up things to integrate into our meals.

I think this is a good thing….being a part of something that I believe in.

Oh and I joined the church choir.

And, Nadie and I worked at the Church Festival last weekend. We sold tickets during a very busy shift on Saturday night. It was extremely chaotic, but the Zerker was sooooooo good. We were all three in a tiny booth. She sat in her car seat on the counter while we counted out tickets and change. She only cried once. I was so proud of her. We are so blessed. She really is such a good kid.

This past weekend we went to the Zoo with my brother and his  family. You might recall that Delainey, his daughter, was born at 26 weeks. This was the first time we got to see her since she left the hospital. She is such a cutie patooty.

And after that we drafted our Fantasy Football teams for the coming season. I won the league last year, so I am hoping for a dynasty.

And today I got other news. I am not quite ready to share it, but I am sort of in a weird spot. It is hard to concentrate. I am curious to see how the next month or so goes.

I hope all is well for the rest of you!

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