A look at the wonder – Updated

Keep your fingers crossed! We have an ultrasound to check the growth and get a better measurement of the little wonder today.


Measuring a week less than I thought – but that is ok with the pcos and not really being planned – I guess….
Infertility scars have hardened my heart – and I will always be leary until the blob is living breathing and crying in my arms….

but anyways – it was a very cute blob….decided to call it the blobbers…
measuring 8 wks 2 days – with a good heartbeat of 171…

gratuitous picture of womb with blobbers


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2 comments on “A look at the wonder – Updated
  1. Sarah Hopf says:

    Congrats!! I understand the whole PCOS thing, I have it too. That is incredible that you were able to concieve on your own. We are thinking of starting on our next one, I have a doc. appointment next month to discuss it.

  2. Rachel says: