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This is a pretty cool site a friend pointed out to me. You enter your name and it evaluates the internet data associated to it. Personas Here is my persona….

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Busy Week

The Zerker has had a busy week. She started saying something like ‘Dada’ on Wednesday. I say it was something like it because she wasn’t making the D with the roof of her mouth, but with her upper lip. It

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Show and Tell: Tutu Cute!

For a look at what the rest of the class is showing, check out Mel’s Show and Tell. Children mentioned and pictured. I made a tutu for the Zerker. A few people on facebook asked how I did it. It

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Pardon the dust

I have ported over all my blogger posts. I am still learning how to set up all this stuff. I would gladly take recommendations on wordpress tutorial resources.

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we can do anything

I think because I am the youngest of nine children I have always felt like the young one. From birth to now I had been in situations where I was the younger person around. Even after I graduated from school

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Random Tidbits

I have yet to mention (over three months ago) I got an iPhone for Mothers Day. It very quickly became a part of me. I dropped my work blackberry like last weeks girlfriend. So anyways – the coolest part? Nadie

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Sunbeams and Roller Coasters

The Zerker has decided that rolling is way cooler than the Segue as a mode of transportation. She also spent a good five minutes staring at patterns the sun made on the floor of the office on Friday. I thought

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