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Perfect Moment Monday – Sleep and Green Tomatoes

I haven’t done this in a while….work and life with an infant and husband have swallowed me up! But here goes…. Perfect Moment Monday isn’t about creating perfect moments, but about noticing them. Head over to Weebles Wobble to see

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Growth Charts

Zoe is right on track, hovering in the 50th percentile in weight…. And 75th percentile in length…. Her head is in the 50th percentile too, but I don’t have a visualization for that…. She got her 6mos shots today. She

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Zerker Quarterly Review Q2 – 6 Months

This is a little late – but I think it is pretty normal for a quarterly review to take some time to prepare….Zerker was born on 01/09… Age: 6 Months Physical Output:Still smiles all the time – but only if

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mental note

I was thinking a lot about interactions that I have with certain people. Typically these people are older than me. They are amazing and intelligent people. Yet, I am always getting the feeling that they need you to practically fawn

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