I am so blessed.
When I was five years old I met C. Since then, well…she is my girl.
I don’t think I have any other relationship like her…it is unconditional Love….not just love….it is unconditional totally awesomeness….I mean I feel so freaking blessed that there is someone I can talk to about anything and it doesn’t matter what I say – they understand and I am cool…now before we get this wrong – my parents think I am WAY COOL….but C understands me…she and I…we are of the same vein…we are one…we didn’t plan it, but we totally think the other person rocks…

C and I went to see Brandi Carlile tonight. I saw that she was coming into town and I had to go. I told her and she agreed to come, even though she doesn’t even listen to you.

so, tonight nadie watched the zerker…
i almost backed out of it because i couldn’t stand being away from the zerker…and nadie was going to take her and pick her up, but I couldn’t NOT see her in the evening, so I picked the Zerker up, fed her and nadie came home and her…
and i went to a concert
it was awesome
it was brandi carlile
and i loved it
totally my music
but the wierdest thing….
for the past two weeks i have had a song in my head
i know for a fact that during my monday devel meeting i typed the words to ‘creep’ out on my blackberry during my notes….i really couldn’t tell you why…i wasn’t feeling outcasted…and i do love that song…but i even thought my need to expell the lyrics was wierd…i remember wanting to type it last week…and i was singing it this morning…i am pretty sure i can get the guy in the office next to me to vouch for me here….

and then she sang it….and i was totally weirded out…it was fracking awesome…i really do feel like i was intuiting that she was going to perform it….i really had no fracking idea and was blown away

Another wierd thing…this past saturday a random thought about a girl that I went to school with came into my head. Specifically it I thought about her and her sister (who was older than us but really popular). I was not really great friends with her, but she popped into my head, along with her sister and their relationship for some random reason. Where am I going with this??? When I came back to my seat at the conference the group of people asked me if I was a ‘INSERT MAIDEN NAME’…they were from my hometown (an hour and a half away)…and they recognized me. I looked over and the girl’s sister was in the group of people. It was fracking crazy. Then C told me that she and her sister (C’s sister) talked about the same sisters within the past month – these are people we barely have any connection to and don’t really affect our lives. It is like we both had a premonition that we would be seeing that girl’s sister at the concert….

it made me glad that i went…because i felt like i was supposed to go…i needed some C time…

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