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The weekend before last we visited my lovely alma mater. It was dreary outside, but Providence was at work – because lots of people that I really wanted to expose the Zerker to were there…. The E in Zerker comes

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All I Need is Everything

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Perfect Moment Monday – Cataract Falls

Lori says that Perfect Moment Monday is not about creating moments, but noticing them. Sometimes, though, I can feel these moments being created…not intentionally…or even by me…I did not make the sun shine this weekend…I only saw that it was

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Show and Tell – make something cool

It is that time again. Time to sit in a circle with our legs crossed and see what our classmates have brought to share. Children mentioned and sort of pictured.A few weeks ago a friend pointed out a group of

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I am listening to ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ during my commute right now. (I drive to the office three days a week, and it is 45 minutes away…so I ‘read’ my books via my iPod on the way to and from…)And

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Hello my name is…

Hello ICLWers! This is my first ICLW. It is pretty cool to get to know more bloggers. As for a little bit about myself and where I am on the journey…. I am married – almost 4 years. I affectionately

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Guess what the Zerker is totally into right now?

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Perfect Moment Monday – Stars Shine Brighter

Lori says that Perfect Moment Monday is not about creating moments, but noticing them. It is honoring the sacredness of these days we call life. This memory of this moment struck me a few weeks ago, and I thought it

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Show and Tell – Race for the Cure

It is that time again.Children mentioned and pictured. Today was gorgeous here in Indiana – warm, bright, blue skies with white puffy clouds….and today was the Race for the Cure! We had a great time. Race for the Cure benefits

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Welcome Delainey Marie

Delainey Marie was born at 1am on April 14, 2009. She was at 26 weeks one day gestational age. They were able to get two steroid injections to help her lungs to develop before delivery. She is tiny at 1lb

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