Search for Cavil…the End

Tonight one of my favorite TV shows of all time ends…the newer version of Battlestar Galactica. Nadie and I have enjoyed it since the second season. That is when I convinced him before it started to purchase the first season on DVD. Then we did a marathon weekend of learning about the Cylon/Human war and the search for a new place for humans to live.
If you don’t watch it, try it out via netflix or something. It is so much more than a sci-fi tv show. It is a mix of mythology/theology/sci-fi/romance/etc.

After tonight the only thing that will come is re-runs and maybe a mini-series, spin-off, or movie – I have no idea if any of these will happen, but a girl can hope, can’t she?

I ate ramen noodles today for the first time in ten years. I now remember why I haven’t eaten ramen noodles in ten years.

This week was great. I finally feel like I am really getting back into work. I was able to dig in and work really well both work from home days with the Zerker. She was not worse for the wear (except I did forget to nurse the second time on the day when I was working 12 hours to get a document done….oops).

After taking several videos, this is my favorite…Zerker loves her blankey…she puts herself to sleep with it every night….

And Nana…here is a few pictures of the zerker wearing the 0-3 month outfit you sent from FL….too cute!

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