Once in a Lifetime

Today the Zerker is christened. My brother is in town from DC to be the God Father. (He is actually my godfather too!) And, my sister will be the god mother.

I am not going to tell you that these days are easy…:) Ugh! Sometimes I am pushed to the point of frustration, but it only seems to happen between 3 and 4am, other than that I am cool. It is also a tough time for DH – who really has no previous experience with babies – and doesn’t quite understand that it is normal to not always know what she wants and to not always be able to get her to sleep at 4am right away.

She turned three weeks yesterday! She was pronounced healthy at her doc appt on Thursday, where she weighed 7lbs 14 ozs (almost a pound up from her birth weight).

I do feel like she and I are bonding more every day. I swear she would talk to me if she could, her eyes just look like they are trying to tell me something. My milk does not seem to be doing that well despite fenugreek and attempting to pump. I know I don’t pump as often as I should – it is really hard to find the time after supplementing and trying to get her back to sleep or not crying. She is not one of those perfectly content babies that never cries. Sometimes she is quiet and attentive and looking back with that soulful expression. And I DO think she smiles sometimes. I don’t care if other people call it gas…

Everyday that goes by I get closer to going back to work. Ugh. Trying not to think about it….

I did get a bonus this week from work! Woo hoo! It meant that DH agreed that I could order the er.go.baby.car.rier! Yay! We have been waiting and trying to save as much as possible in this economic climate.

In honor of the Zerker’s baptism – some talking heads…

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One comment on “Once in a Lifetime
  1. Fertilized says:

    Ah Congratulation on the christening.

    It is so hard/rough in the early days. I am sorry you are having to pump all the time. I can relate to that so much!

    Great song