Woodsies and Onesies

Yesterday I went to the annual Woodsie Christmas party. A woodsie is the nickname of a woman who attends my undergrad college – Saint Mary of the Woods College.

This is not a formal college event, but a small gathering of some of the wonderful ladies I went to school with. I was in choir with all of them, and although I was a few years older than most of them, they have welcomed me into their gatherings. It is a delight.

Here is a quick pic of the group….we were so color coordinated with reds/blues and bookend blacks :)

And today I did a small craft project.

I made four onesies for little Z. I have been looking at different funny onesies on cafepress and various other sites. I decided rather than paying 20 bucks for them I could just buy a pack of onesies and some iron on transfers and make my own!

Here is all four of them…proof they are onesies….

And here they are individually…
Righteous Baby – my hommage to Ani Difranco’s record company….little Z will be one tough chick….

A little Pink Floyd for the DH (it is his favorite band)…

A reference to DH and I being from opposite sides of the state (at least when it comes to college athletics)….

And a math geek’s way of showing love….(both DH and I are pretty geeky – especially when it comes to math…I majored in it and he still does problems for ‘fun’)…

I did one more, only to realize after I had ironed it on that I had deleted a letter prior to printing the iron on…You don’t spell grandchild without an L. It was definitely a challenge…I had to figure out how to reverse all of the lettering and pictures prior to printing. I know the typo wasn’t in the original document, so I must have deleted it when I had to transfer it to powerpoint to get it to print properly. Ugh. Now do I keep a onesie with a typo? I mean I am going to make other one for public consumption, and maybe some more since I have quite a bit of the iron on stuff left over. I coud just use it as an undershirt i guess… It is funny really.


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3 comments on “Woodsies and Onesies
  1. Shane & Erika says:

    We are a pretty rockin set of ladies :-)

    I LOVE the onsies!!!! I say keep the typo one as the one to wear as an undershirt, or when she’s sick and going through them pretty quickly, or to do crafty things in:-)

  2. Fertilized says:

    well aren’t you crafty! What a great job of ladies!

  3. Mrs. B says:

    You are so creative. I wish I could think of ways to do cute things like that. But alas, I am all thumbs… I’ll be lucky to get the diapers on the right end!!