December Showers bring Poinsettias?

OK I know the title isn’t that witty….

Saturday was my family and friends baby shower. As I posted on Saturday before everyone came, it was at my house and it was snowing!

A few people couldn’t make it because of the weather, but there were just enough people there so that no one had to sit on the floor and everyone could fit around the living room for games!

It was a little stressful having it at my house, and I think had I to do over again I wouldn’t have chosen that, but it was a great time!

The cake was VERY yummy. DH just threw the last few pieces out yesterday because it is too much of a temptation with Gestational Diabetes! It was simple enough – white cake/butter cream icing from Meijer (had a stork on it), but darn that was good!

The games were actually pretty fun. My sister Lisa (the one that came back from Iraq) is always good for keeping people laughing! If she wasn’t here something would have been missing! LOL

The gifts were bright and fun!

Some notable items of the day…the hooter hider! I especially tried to make sure my mom saw this, because she and I had this long discussion about whether breastfeeding in public was acceptable. My mom is a prude. She doesn’t even kiss my dad with an open mouth, and they have been married for almost 47 years! And while I don’t think breastfeeding is anything to be prudish about, I think it is funny that she has all of these notions about it. She had nine kids and didn’t breastfeed a single one. She also tells me she has been watching baby delivery tv shows, but she won’t watch the actual birth because she thinks it is completely inappropriate to show that sort of private thing on tv. It’s a different world than where she came from…she claims it was better when everything was private and somewhat shameful (not her words). I am on the fence…I would definitely prefer not having Viagra commercials on TV.

Anyways…the hooter hider (and my big belly) from my woodsie lil sis Erika (pictures also courtesy of Erika – thanks chica!)….

The diaper bag from my brother and SIL – she let me pick out the pattern from Vera Bradley and I LOVE IT! It has little owls on it….

And the last thing to show (Although, there were many wonderful things and if you are reading this and you were here or sent something THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming and for your wonderful gifts for Z!!!!) is the dollhouse bookcase…I put it together yesterday and got pastel blue, pastel green and white bins to put in it for storage…

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  1. Mrs. B says:

    Looks like y’all had a great time!!!

    Not long now…