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Single Digits

This is just a quick post to note how freaking crazy it is to look at that baby ticker and see it in the single digits.I said to DH that I will miss her being inside me. She is my

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38 Weeks and Christmas Eve

I am so creative with the titles, eh? It is crazy to look at that baby floating around on the blog and see that it says 13 days until the due date. It is also fricking fantastic. I am so

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Full Term for my Birthday

Today I turn 31! I also am 37 weeks pregnant! Full term! Yay! I can’t think of a better gift!

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Psycho Kity

My cats are crazy today.One is racing through the house. Another thought it would be alright to climb up in the christmas tree. Here is what I say: I had to take this off – it was driving me nuts

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Woodsies and Onesies

Yesterday I went to the annual Woodsie Christmas party. A woodsie is the nickname of a woman who attends my undergrad college – Saint Mary of the Woods College. This is not a formal college event, but a small gathering

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I wrote the green portion in August. This post has been stirring for a while. I feel like it is time to click ‘Publish’ and let go. Lately I have been thinking a lot about how the baby will affect

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Gonna have to wait a bit :)

I had my 36 week appt today along with the measurement u/s…and the results are in. She is weighing in at 6lbs 9ozs. Right on schedule. Her belly is a little fat, and her legs are short. The fluid levels

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My mom is coming home tonight. It took them a few days to get her CO2 levels down and her Oxygen levels to where they needed them to do a stress test. They did the Non-Stress Stress test today and

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36 Week Belly Pic

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My Mom

Here is a part of the shower story that I didn’t tell because…I don’t know…maybe I was in denial or something.At my shower my mother was feeling awful. I sort of didn’t know what to do because I know if

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