lack there of

I know they say the second trimester is the the honeymoon time of pregnancy. I know that it isn’t a big deal to loose some symptoms.
That is what they say….
I know that symptoms or the lack there of is normal for 16 weeks.
But I still worry.
My lower belly has expanded a little bit, but not too much. I have a lot of belly there already, so it isn’t noticeable.

I still get up a few times a night to pee and sleeping on my stomach is not really an option – because I feel the little bubble there – but I don’t really feel like much is going on.
I have no bleeding. I have no cramping.

I worry…worry…worry.
I have a dr appt on friday. I wish it was friday.
No help from the doppler yet…of course it isn’t a good one that should work….

If I lay a certain way on my back I can feel the tightness in a certain spot…ugh this waiting is hard. I don’t mean to complain, I just always fear the worst.
I worry about making it to term. I worry about having a healthy baby if we do make it to term.

I just needed to let it out.

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4 comments on “lack there of
  1. Heather says:

    It is a hard time. Hopefully it will get better in a few weeks when you start getting kicked. Those movements are all that get me through the day. I’m so tired of waiting.

  2. Arian says:

    I’ll be thinking about you this week. I’m sure the appointment on Friday will help you feel a bit better. At least until you start to feel the baby move.

  3. Portia P says:

    I felt just the same. It’s so hard not knowing if everything’s ok.

    We had a doppler for those freak out moments. I had a panic scan at 16 weeks when i’d had some cramping and then there was the 20 weeks scan.

    The kicking will help, but as my didn’t start until about 22 weeks, don’t worry if that doesn’t start for a bit.

    With no symptoms i’m sure everything is fine, but it doesn’t stop us worrying does it??!!!

  4. Deb says:

    Hope that your appt went well.