Spooky UTIs and Scary Ovarian Drilling

So last week I ended up with the dredded UTI. It wasn’t a horrible one, but it did strike at an inopportune time. I started my anti-biotics on Friday, and should have started the progesterone suppositories on Sunday – three days post LH surge – but I didn’t think it was appropriate. So we have decided to wait to try next cycle. DH has a bad cold too, so BD wasn’t really in the cards either. I am ok with that.
1. The suppositories would have aggrivated my UTI.
2. It is usually recommended to wait after a miscarriage (even though my RE was ok with us trying right away since it was such a very short pg).
3. RE suggested that three full months on MET usually provides the best results.

That leads to my second topic. I had my RE appt today. The good news…I lost eight pounds again! I was glad to see that. I am averaging around 4 pounds a month. I am ok with this – because I feel like it will be easier to keep it off. Slow and steady wins the race.

She got on me for not doing taking the UDO supplements as best as I could. I really tried at first, but when I put it with my food it just made everything seem icky. And it is not something you want to down by itself. I swore that I would make it more of a priority – that I WILL do it. She suggested putting it in juice. So I tried that tonight with some grapefruit juice and it seemed much easier to down. I have to take a teaspoon twice a day.

I also started Vitamin D supplements, 2000 IU. She sort of chastised me about the Vitamin D too, because she said her handbook suggests taking it…but that handbook is 30 pages It has so much stuff in it that I am probably missing more than a few things. It is all GREAT stuff. But life changing is hard, and I am doing the best I can. I sort of felt like the bad student.

And I decided to switch to cinnamon supplements rather than just adding it to my coffee. I never knew cinnamon was so good for you, but evidently it is GREAT for people with insulin resistance! Check it out!

Don’t get me wrong, she was not mean or nasty or anything, and she was positive to me about my weight and all that stuff. But, my hormone levels are still out of whack and these things she says will help to get them balanced. I wouldn’t change doctors for the world. I just wish I could get it all down and get my hormones at the levels she thinks is necessary for a healthy and happy Beth and future baby.

So she suggested that the next step that she recommends before the end of the year is to have Laproscopic surgery on my ovaries.
We are still thinking about it. My inital reaction was that I didn’t think it was the right time,but then I heard what she was saying, and I took the literature. I wanted to talk to the DH about it. She does not do intense drilling, but very small cuts into the ovary. Evidently it helps to reverse all excess male hormones and gets rid of some of the old eggs. In my case it could increase our pregnancy rate significantly within the first four months – AND with the hormonal balance, give the pg more stay-put-ability.

I have never had any type of surgery before. I would be recovered in a few days. And since we have already met the deductible, it will be less money to do it now.

So I am saying all these positive things, but we are still deciding. We are leaning towards doing it, but not 100 percent yet.

Some halloween/nfl cheer – as I watch the original movie and patiently wait for the big game this sunday: pumpkin
And here’s a picture of the pups for good measure:
Animals 021

I am going to see Tori Amos on Friday evening. I am so excited. My best friend from Kindergarten and I are going in celebration of turning 30 this year. Today is her birthday – so Happy B-day C! We are going to have a fantabulous time! And since we are holding off on TTC this month – I can have all the gewurztaminer and hefeweizen I want – well at least a few glasses without feeling guilty…

I hope you had HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!

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6 comments on “Spooky UTIs and Scary Ovarian Drilling
  1. Fertilize Me says:

    I am sorry about the hassle and UTI. I have heard very good things about cinnamin and insulin resistance.. GOod for you

  2. Deb says:

    Glad to see an update. Sorry this cycle ended up a bust but WTG on the Weight loss! That is awesome!

    Cool Pumpkin. I never think of painting them!

    May I ask you a few questions?

    Did your dr explain why the Udo version was better than say just plain flax oil or fish oil?

    Also, does the cinnamon give you heart burn by any chance?

  3. bethkyle says:

    My doctor recommended blended fresh oil that has to be bottled and refrigerated. This is the kind she had stocked at the hospital pharmacy, but I think it has to be special ordered…unless your dr is crazy about it and gets all the staff at the hospital to use it (:))

    Haven’t had problems with heartburn, but I just switched to 2000mg, so I will let you know if it starts. I might have to reduce the amount if it does. I took it in capsule form for the first time last night.

  4. bethkyle says:

    Oh! And I take fish oil in capsule form too…in addition to these UDO oils….

  5. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters says:

    Sorry about the UTI, but it sounds like with your husband’s cold that maybe the timing is right to just sit this month out. I’ve never heard about cinnamon and IR…that is interesting.

    Have fun at the Tori Amos concert! I’m so jealous. I saw her a couple of years back and she was fantastic!

  6. Mrs. B says:

    Sorry about the UTI, hope you get ti feeling better soon.

    On the whole Lap front, I had one done and there was nothing to it. I was up and about the next day. You’ll be fine. I hope that you get good results from it!