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Spooky UTIs and Scary Ovarian Drilling

So last week I ended up with the dredded UTI. It wasn’t a horrible one, but it did strike at an inopportune time. I started my anti-biotics on Friday, and should have started the progesterone suppositories on Sunday – three

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On to the next thing

Well I did start a new cycle last monday afternoon.On Tuesday I was supposed to go in for another beta, but the dr’s office did not send in the lab request, so I waited for the labs for nothing. Since

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Going down, down, down

Beta #217 I don’t really know how to feel. Should I continue on like – oh i could still be pregnant! Or should I throw in the towel?With those types of numbers, that question probably sounds really stupid. I am

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Beta #1 – 21

There are a lot of questions going through my head right now.I did not really expect this.I am totally excited, since I have never seen a BFP AND we did not do any treatment other than diet, exercise and metformin.

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