Baby Showers, etc

So I am heading out of town today to a good friend’s baby shower.

I am excited for her, and I am really trying to keep positive about the trip.

I haven’t been able to share a lot with her about our struggles with IF. In fact, I don’t think I have told her at all. She lives a few states away and we seem to have both gotten sucked into our own lives. We email each other every few months or so. When she emailed saying she was pregnant it took me a few weeks to respond. I am sure many infertiles can understand, it is hard for me to hear of someone getting pregnant.

It always reminds me of our failures. We have had three pregnancies in my immediate family since we started TTC. There have been at least 5 kids concieved and born in my small company since we started TTC. Each time it is like a little stab…

Today though, I am glad that I have not told her. I want to celebrate her journey into motherhood and I never ever want her to feel like she should feel bad for me because of her own success. I am happy for her and I can’t wait to meet her little one when it comes. She will be such an amazing mother – I just know it. She is strong, empathetic, intelligent, and amazing.

And when I do get to join her as a mother, I know she will be just as happy for me. Maybe then I will bring our own journey to light – and how it has changed and is still changing my life.

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4 comments on “Baby Showers, etc
  1. Fertilize Me says:

    good luck to you. i hope you have a great time (as much as possible for an IF-er)

  2. Heather says:

    I hope you have a nice time and it isn’t too hard.

    You bring up a good point. I wish I hadn’t told some people because I don’t want people to walk on eggshells around me. At the same time, I had a really hard time not telling people about something that effects me to my core. I guess there are pros and cons to everything…

  3. M.Zub says:

    good attitude to have! both of my best friends have 2 kids a piece and got preggo on their first tries both times. ugh, eyes rolling over here. when one of them got pregnant dead smack in the midst of our struggles, I could tell she was so reluctant to tell me her news, but the truth is that God has different paths for us all and it’s not wise to compare your situation to anyone else’s. very difficult to do, especially when you are hormonally unbalanced, but it’s the only sane way to look at things!
    baby wishes to you!

  4. Mrs. B says:

    So how did the baby shower go? I hope you were able to relax and enjoy it.