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Autumn Splendor

This weekend we are going to a college football game. It is so wonderful out. The crisp feeling of the air. I turned off the air conditioner. Autumn is just beginning in Indiana and all is well. The baby shower

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Baby Showers, etc

So I am heading out of town today to a good friend’s baby shower. I am excited for her, and I am really trying to keep positive about the trip. I haven’t been able to share a lot with her

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Do you do UDO?????

I had my RE visit yesterday. I lost eight pounds since my last visit. YAY! Also my blood pressure was somewhere around 130/72. I was really enthused by that because high blood pressure was something that really wigged me out

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Cycle Day 1

Well AF finally came today. That makes this cycle 31 days. I go to the RE this week. Maybe she will help me figure out these wacky cycle lengths. I never know what stage I am at. I can say

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